Italian, Austrian exchange students spend time at RB

Trent Baer, Staff Reporter

Many students here at RB dream of seeing the world, visiting incredible countries like Italy or Austria. What would the people be like? What’s a regular Saturday night like in Argentina? How can you make it through the school day when nobody speaks your first language?

The lure of a semester in a foreign country isn’t strictly an American dream. RB has been host to many foreign exchange students over the years, and each one has had a lasting impact on RB. This year, we welcomed Fabian Winter from Vienna, Austria, and Kiara Ercoloni from Mainland, Italy.

“I love it here,” said Winter, “Everyone has been so kind to me.” As a player on the Boys Varsity Soccer team, he has made many friends and is adjusting to life in America very smoothly. “I have been speaking English for six years now, so at least I know when the coach is yelling at me,” said Winter with a laugh. 

The biggest difference between school in Austria and here at RB is “In Austria, you are in a class of twenty-two, and you all stay in the same room. The teachers come to you,” Winter said.

Ercoloni has had a great time in America so far. “I think I’ve done well adjusting to the American lifestyle. School here is very different; the social encounters are so much more personal. I love it here,” Ercoloni also added, “America was my first choice for a host country, because I have always wanted to live life in the U.S. “