Improv Club starts second year of Shenanigans

Shawnn Hwang, Staff Reporter

If you ever go through the halls of RB and hear roars of laughter and screaming, you’ll soon learn that Improv Club is in session. One of the most interactive clubs at RB, merging humor and acting, Improv Club is the hang out spot for anyone dramatic.

On September 1st, Improv had their first meeting with a class of more than thirty participants on the first day! The club meets every Wednesday in room 130 from 3:15 through 4:00.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Improv is, club secretary Nick Rauba said, “It’s a group where students can exercise their passion for acting without the constraints of a script.”

To make it even more interesting, sponsor Melissa Briskman and Rauba also organize activities and “exercise games” for every meeting. The improv exercises they play vary from something called “Freeze” to something completely inventive. How these games work is very similar to the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? in which each character builds on each other’s scenes.  For example, “Freeze” is when someone jumps in a scene and the actors in the current scene freeze and build on the newcomer’s lead. Most often, Improv Club strives for comedy, although other times can be dramatic.

Most times people just show up for the free show as well as just to jump in and try to act. However the club also hosts a “refined” version of improv. This version is called Shenanigans in which tryouts are hosted and members of the club vote to the best actor or actress to join. This group of more experienced improvisers gets privileges to bring improv to the community by hosting shows at various places such as the British home and Brookfield Library.

So whether you stop by to catch some laughs or even to make others smile, Improv Club is definitely a hangout spot to stop by after school.