Silly Bandz take over RB

Hrvoje Zolo, Staff reporter

These little rubber bands are taking over the world! Silly Bandz are silicone rubber bands that are formed into different animals, objects, letters etc. These rubber bands keep their form, so when you put them around your wrist they seem like an ordinary rubber band, but when you take it off it goes back to the shape it is.

Silly Bandz hit the market in early 2009 and ever since it’s been a hit. Not only do little kids obsess over them, but teenagers and even adults also do. Silly Bandz sell for about $4.00 for a pack of 24, at local stores like Walgreens, but you will also see them in gas stations. They also sell Silly Ringz now too, the same aspect, but just a ring.

Most of the time you’ll see children wear about twenty of them on their wrists, but a lot of RB students wear them also. There is a new game that isn’t very well known which is if you guess what the silly band is on the person’s wrist without you seeing it, you get to keep it. Not many people play it, but its fun.

Now that you have an idea about what Silly Bandz are there is a mini quiz. Guess what silly band belongs with who.