New local arcade becomes largest in illinois

The Galloping Ghost Arcade is a new arcade business in Brookfield  that is the finest arcade around. This unique arcade opened up on August 13th and is currently Illinois’ largest video arcade. It carries games such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Smash TV, and plenty of other classic games, as well as shooting games like Silent Scope and Time Crisis.

Unlike any other arcade place that have coin-operated machines and require plenty of trips to the coin machine for new tokens, Gallaping Ghost only requires a door fee when you walk in, and allows of an unlimited amount of plays on any machine. This also lets the customer to roam around the arcade floor to try out any game and play for as long as they please. The door fee also allows customers to play all day and to leave the arcade and come back later in the day to play more games, free of charge.

Doc Mack, the CEO of Galloping Ghost Productions (a video game production company) and owner of the arcade branch, liked the idea to give customers this privalege. “It allows people to not be stuck to only playing their favorite games. It gives them the option to try out new games that they have never played or even seem before.” Doc Mack said.

The arcade floor features over 170 games with new ones coming in everyday. “All of our new games are pretty much on request,” Doc Mack said. If there is ever a game missing, you can easily ask an employee for a request and Galloping Ghost will put in the effort to add that game to their vault.

Galloping Ghost Arcade also features an achievement list booklet and keep high scores on every game they have. The booklet’s achievements range from getting a high score for a game, to beating an employee working at the arcade at their favorite game. “It is a lot of fun for customers to keep coming back and gives them something more than just playing games here,” Doc Mack said. Above every arcade game holds a sheet of the high scores for that game, both locally and world records. High scores are only gained through one credit of a game.

Along with the arcade floor is the private gaming rooms. These 20’x20’ rooms come with four 42” LCD TVs with their own set of Xbox 360s of PS3s. The rooms are priced reasonably to rent for several hours or for a whole day with a group of friends. Each system is online compatible and are great for tournaments,  large groups, or parties.

One of Galloping Ghost Productions most promient work is their new game Dark Presence. This game which is G.G.’s own game they produced. The game takes up a whole room in the arcade which you can see how they are improving the game everyday.  Dark Presence allows people to set up their own character in the world and play as them. Once this game lands, there will be a launch at the arcade for the official opening of Dark Presence.

The Galloping Ghost Arcade is open Monday-Friday 1 P.M. – 2 A.M. and Sautrday-Sunday 11 A.M. – 2 A.M. Doc Mack is always bringing in new games like Killer Instinct I and II, Spy Hunter, and Time Soldiers. Tournaments will be in the future for games like Street Fighter that are held on weekends for those who want to come play. If you are interested in visiting the Galloping Ghost Arcade it is located at 9415 Ogden Avenue in Brookfield.