Best Buddies and Culvers team up for fundraiser

On Wednesday, November 23, Culvers and Best Buddies teamed up to raise money for the club. The event ran for three hours and was a big success for the club and the restaurant.

From 5-8 Culvers donated 10% of the profit of all orders made with the half sheet the club was handing out at the door. The sheet was available to anyone that went to RB or was with someone from RB. The orders could be made from inside the restaurant or from the drive thru.

Best Buddies helped with the crowds caused by this event by delivering the food. The standard protocol at the restaurant is that after the person orders they get a number and go sit down until their food is ready. The food is then delivered to them by a worker. From 5-8 however all the officers in the club took shifts delivering the food to their fellow classmates, and to the drive thru orders outside. This helped deal with how crowded and busy it was at the restaurant and it was entertaining to have food delivered by a classmate. The club also collected additional donations during the event.

The event was also very popular within the community, as there were a lot of people there that didn’t go to RB who still came out to support the club. The event was a huge success for both the club and the restaurant, because the crowd gave the restaurant business and for all that business the restaurant donated 10% of it back to the club. It was also a great place for the peer buddies in the club to take their buddies out for dinner and hang out during the school week.

Senior Thomas Linehan enjoyed hanging out with his buddy in the middle of the week.

“The club doesn’t usually have events in the middle of the week so it was a nice change of pace. And it was fun getting food and hanging out with people from RB that are in Best Buddies and some that aren’t. It was a good event for anyone at RB because it was for a good cause and an excuse to go out to Culvers,” said Linehan.

Best Buddies has been very successful in their fundraisers this year, with this Culvers event and the selling of Jamba Juice on two separate Fridays. Both fundraisers have worked so well that the club won’t have their annual cookie dough sale in the winter and won’t need to sell lollipops in the Spring like they did last year.  

The next Best Buddies event is the holiday party on December 11, 2010.