Eco-Action team expanding to make a difference

Kelly Kramer, Staff Reporter/Facebook Coordinator

Science and SEE Team teacher Jame Holt has been working on a new group to make RB a greener school. This Eco-Action team has entered contests through the Eco-Schools program to make schools become more eco-friendly and save money on energy.

At the club’s beginning in November, there were about 10-12 students involved, with club creator Holt and assistant principal Tim Scanlon supporting it. They recently had a meeting with other faculty members to form a small committee of people interested in EcoSchools. Some faculty members that are now involved are Adam Gibbons, Jessica Mauritzen, Kathleen Harsy, Suzanne Bartelson, Mark Schaedel, Dan O’Rourke, Dave Monti, and Doug Schultz.

“I’m a member of the World Wildlife Foundation and the Nature Conservancy. I’ve always been interested in nature and the environment,” said Gibbons.

Each faculty member has a different role within the group.

“I’m in charge of research for the audit. There is a wind farm by Heston Wind that three schools are buying power from. I am going to try to find out if we can buy power from them as well,” said Gibbons.

The Eco-Action team is having an environmental auditor come to the school to audit the building to see how we are using resources and our ecological footprint. They will then recommend changes that the school should make. The audit should be done by spring break.

“I think it will be eye-opening for a lot of people to see how much we’re using. It will give us information of many misconceptions and myths regarding recycling, printing, and how we should be doing it,” said Holt.

There will be an assembly towards the end of February during science classed. Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) will be doing the presentation.

The Eco-Action team still has not heard results of the last challenge they entered through EcoSchools, but once they do, they will start looking for grant opportunities.

Any students or staff interested in this club should see Jame Holt in the science department.