School Board Candidate: Lenora Giurini

Alleigh VandeMerkt, Staff Reporter

Below are the unedited responses from school board candidate Lenora Giurini to the RBHS Clarion school board candidate survey.  All candidates were given an opportunity to respond to this survey.


What issue needs the most improvement at Riverside Brookfield High School and why?

Balancing the fiscal budget is the most pressing issue for RB.  It will determine the future direction of the school.  The budget will impact all facets of the school: operations, staff, curriculum, extracurricular activities, and most importantly, the community as a whole. 

The current budget will fall short of meeting the projected expenses.  To address this deficit, the current board is asking the taxpayers to accept a permanent property tax increase. 

A tax increase is a difficult thing to ask of the community, especially when we are facing a struggling economy.  Without the tax increase, the school may be forced to make cuts in staff, classes and special programs offered to all students.  

How do you plan to improve this issue if elected to the school board?

It starts with fiscal responsibility. Whether or not the referendum passes, the school board needs to be open and transparent in how our taxpayers’ money is spent.  As a school board member, I need to be critical and objective in the decisions the board and I make.  We need to find innovative and practical ways to operate a successful school within our means. This may involve challenging and re-evaluating current processes and policies.

I would also encourage the entire community, not just the parents of RB students, to get involved.  Every taxpayer needs to take an interest in the school’s success. What affects RB, affects all taxpayers. The two go hand in hand. 

 What is your relevant experience prior to running for the school board?
While I am new to public service, I have professional experience that would serve me well as an effective school board member. 

Professionally, I work in the business sector. As an Assistant Vice President in my company, I oversee a department with a staff of 30+ people.  I am responsible for ensuring that my department runs as productively, effectively and as efficiently as possible.  Personnel, project management, decision making, expense management and strategic planning are all areas for which I am responsible.  I work with many different people at all levels within the company and externally.

Why do you want to serve on the school board?

 Like so many of our residents, I want to be part of a strong, successful, thriving community.  The schools within our community define us, just as we define them. Serving on the school board will give me the opportunity to represent those in the community that share my desire to help RB reach its full potential.


What do you believe you will be able to contribute to the school board?

 I will bring what is desperately needed – a new perspective, an objective party, a strong individual who isn’t afraid to make tough decisions.  I strongly believe that we should do all that is possible to provide young adults with the opportunity to become productive, independent, self sufficient members of society.
What sets you apart from any of the other candidates running?  

I do not have children who attend RB. I represent the majority of the taxpayers in our community, from senior citizens to young homeowners, who don’t have children at RB, yet pay a large portion of taxes for the school’s operation.  I want to be part of the school board to help ensure that the investment I’ve made in this school through my property taxes is going to pay off.  RB students are the future of our community.  When they succeed, we all do.