School Board Candidate: Louis Surprenant

Alleigh VandeMerkt, Staff Reporter

Below are the unedited responses from school board candidate Louis Surprenant to the RBHS Clarion school board candidate survey.  All candidates were given an opportunity to respond to this survey.


What issue needs the most improvement at  Riverside Brookfield High School and why? 

I do not know if this issue needs the most improvement but the school budget is the most important issue that we will have to deal with because it affects everything to do with R.B;
everything, from much needed new books, to teachers, to clubs, to sports, and many other things, hang in the balance.  
How do you plan to improve this issue if elected to the school board?
I have run my own business for 28 years and I honestly believe that my experience in managing the business will be of great use when decisions and solutions have to be made. 
What is your relevant experience prior to running for the school board?
Besides running my own business, I have been a member of the North Riverside zoning board for several years.  From this experience I am used to listening to all sides of an issue and then making an informed decision.  My decision is not always the popular one but it is always the one that I believe is right.  
Why do you want to serve on the school board?
I really and truly believe that with my business experience, my fairness and integrity, and my ability to listen to all sides of an issue and then, and only then, render my decision, makes me someone who will serve the community well.
My daughter is a junior at R.B. this year and we talk about her experience at school quite often and her response has always been beyond positive.  She loves her fellow students and absolutely respects and adores just how real the attention is from her teachers.   
I have two boys that will be entering R.B. next year and I have been coaching junior sports for 5 years now.  All of my experience with the coaches and administration has been great.
I would love the opportunity to help and give back to the R.B. community. 
What do you believe you will be able to contribute to the school board
I guess my answer to question 4 pretty much covers this one too. 
What sets you apart from any of the other candidates running?
Being quite honest, I do not know the other candidates so at this point it would just be a presumption.