Don’t disturb, testing! Senior earns perfect score on ACT

Shawnn Hwang, Staff Reporter

February 12th marked the first ACT test of the new year. The ACT is an exam that exercises the amount of academic knowledge a student has accumulated throughout their education.

Scores range from 0 through 36 with a total of 215 questions with 175 minutes to answer them. In 2010, less than one-tenth of one percent of all highschool graduates scored a 36.

Senior Jake Dluhy was one of the few who received a perfect score last year. He said he had to prepare for the subjects where he did the worst.

“English wasn’t my best subject, so I just practiced passages specifically on English,” he said.

Dluhy didn’t expect a perfect score, but he wasn’t shocked either.

“I was happy and decently surprised at the same time. I really didn’t anticipate a 36 but the first two tests I took definitely helped me. It was good to experience the timing pressure the first couple of times and I would recommend everyone to take the test multiple times because once you have a couple of practices under your belt, it becomes much easier,” he said.

CAP sponsor Laurie Ritchey gave her opinion on Dluhy’s success.

“Anyone who scores 30 or above has already achieved a lot, but scoring a 36 opens the door to any college of their choice as well as earning scholarship money. It doesn’t mean he is only smart but lucky too,” she said.

Even though Dluhy did not take CAP class at RB, he highly recommends it to sophomores and freshmen who are determined to boost their numbers.

Ritchey also supported and said, “CAP classes are important for anyone who is taking the ACT. Most who take the class raise their score by 3 and we give enough practice tests that when it is time to take the real thing, the practices relieve their stress. Our CAP is taken during school hours which frees up afterschool schedules for students.  Most importantly, the program is taught by RB faculty who has extensive knowledge on each specific subject.”