Erik Kramer rallying students for referendum

Erik Kramer rallying students for referendum

Erik Kramer

Alleigh Vandemerkt, Staff Reporter

Erik Kramer is planning a student rally hoping to help pass the upcoming tax referendum in April. The rally will take place in March but the date is still tentative.

Kramer described the gathering as a rally for the students. He wants everyone to know how important the clubs at RB are to the students and the impact the make at the school.

“I think going door to door, and giving people information works, but I want people to see how important these clubs are to the kids.” Kramer said.

He hopes that having all the kids in one place will show the community the real impact of the referendum.

Although Kramer is a senior and will be gone next year, he still feels the need to help out RB. He said, “I had all the opportunities all four years at RB, and I loved that, and I want everyone else to experience that too.”

Kramer’s enthusiasm doesn’t go unnoticed. Principal Pam Bylsma explains what a great kid Kramer is.

“He saw a need and stepped up to fill it, thinking more of others than himself.  As many seniors are winding down in their focus and enthusiasm for school, Erik is gearing up in order to support the school he loves” Bylsma said.

There are approximately 25 clubs that Kramer is trying to get involved in the rally. Kramer currently participates in Model UN and Improv. club.