Kindling a love of reading

Kindling a love of reading

Senior Nate Hanley using the new kindle.

Bryan Doyle, Staff Reporter

The future of reading books has finally arrived at Riverside Brookfield High School. Six brand new Amazon Kindle 3’s were just purchased for the library.

“We are able to offer the newest resource for reading and in the most modern way, and we hope that will attract students to read more books,” said Department Chair of Instructional Technology Doreen Fritz.

The Kindle is an e-book reader in which books are downloaded onto the pad’s memory, while the text is brought up on the display. Capable of storing over 1,500 books, the Kindle has the ability to define any unfamiliar word with its built in dictionary. E-books are purchased online for an average price of $10.

“I think it’s awesome that RB is keeping up with the advancements of technology,” said senior Isaias Rivera when asked about the recent acquisitions of the Kindle.

To take out a Kindle, students or staff will need to sign a one time release form found in the library. After they have completed the release you will receive the request form. On the request form they have the choice to “request” books that you’d like to see added to the Kindle e-library.

In addition to being able to suggest what books are wanted for the Kindle. The librarians also ordered the most popular books of last year, this year’s summer reading list, and The Abraham Lincoln Award: Illinois’ High School Readers’ Choice Award.