Actuary stops by RB for Lunch & Learn

Shawnn Hwang, Staff Reporter

Mathematics is an essential skill that is utilized every day. Why not use it in your daily life while making money? 

“Lunch and Learn” is sponsored by the math department and hosted by teacher Sandy Czajka who has asked different professionals in mathematical fields to volunteer their time in order to satisfy student interests in career choices.

Actuary Dave Dean showed up on Friday, March 11th. Many students thought of the event as another version of Career Day. In some ways this is true, but really it is for those who are specifically interested this area of study. During the session, the actuary gave information on daily life and jobs of the career. Information given by the actuary was new and surprising. For example, in one of his tasks, he explained that communication skills are a must in order to maintain a good relation with clients. Many students found this information very useful in reinforcing career decisions in this field.

Attendee Derrick Hagen said, “The actuary was pretty interesting. I’ve been to other lectures and they were boring, but he seems to know what he was talking about and enjoyed his job. It actually changed my perspective on math careers and really drew me in. It made me realize how much potential math has and its uses in the real world.”

Besides the free pizza and soda, the math Lunch and Learn was an educational experience. At the end of the period, questions could be asked. If you missed last week’s session, there will be another chance to participate with another guest speaker, Nate Hurst a graduate of RB.