Schmugge’s mugshot was full of personality, which matched what we learned about him in our interview.

Ken Castle, Staff Reporter

Freshman Joe Schmugge, is known to be a very happy kid all the time. Whenever you look at him you will see a huge smile on his face. Schmugge is a member of the boy’s junior varsity swim team and he is planning on trying out for the freshman baseball team this spring. Schmugge’s hobbies consist of hanging out with his friends on the weekend, playing video games, and surfing the internet in his spare time. Schmugge loves to play sports with his friends and family. Schmugge said, “My favorite hobby is picking up the ladies.”

Schmugge is pretty big on sports; when asked what his favorite teams were from all the major sports he said the Boston Red Sox are his favorite baseball team. The Chicago Bulls are his favorite basketball team. The Green Bay Packers, the New Orleans Saints and the Pittsburgh Steelers are his favorite football teams. Schmugge’s favorite college teams are the Oregon Ducks, the Texas Longhorns and the North Carolina Tar heels.

When asked what his goals were for the rest of his years in high school, he responded with, “I hope to leave high school with a really good GPA. I also have a goal to pick up some chicks too.” Schmugge says that he hopes to attend a Big Ten school for college. His dreams are to write a book that will change lives and to have a rich, lavish life style when he’s older. Schmugge said, “I’ll get rich or die trying.”

When asked what his favorite memories have been about high school so far Schmugge responded with “I loved swimming and being able to joke around with the guys. It was a whole lot of fun.” Schmugge also said, “I also met a new really good friend, Andy Suzuki; I feel like I’ve got a real strong bond with him; he’s probably one of my best friends.”

This feature is part of our “Every Student Has a Story” spotlight.  We believe every student at RB has an important story to tell, and we’re committed to getting as many of them told as possible.  Look for new additions regularly.