ASVAB testing gives military-bound students a head start

Jori Zobel

Mary Kemper, in uniform, plans to enlist in the military because of influence from her grandfather and uncle.

Jori Zobel, Staff reporter

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The date for the ASVAB testing is approaching and some seniors have already made the decision to go into the military.  The testing consists of math, general science, and electricity and will be held Wednesday April 11th.

Senior Ryan Negley, who is taking the test this Wednesday, was influenced by his family and friends.

Negley said, “I chose to go into the military because it pays for school, after 20 years you receive a pension, and you get to go on tour.”

Most of the seniors chose to go into the military because of the benefits that come with the decision.

Senior Mary Kemper took the test because it pays for college and it provides good experience for her dream job.  She was influenced by her grandfather and uncle.

Kemper, who has already taken the test, said, “It was fairly easy.”

Senior Oscar Baez said, “I want go into the military because I want to serve my country, plus the benefits are awesome.”

Baez, who also already took the test, was influenced by his family and would like to be a Calvary scout.

Once the students take the test, they go through a process of writing down personal information and setting up a date to go to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) where they examine your health to make sure you are capable of doing things your job requires.  The next day they are inducted into the military.

Negley said, “How well you do on the test determines on the job placement.  If you do great you’re going to have a really good job.”

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ASVAB testing gives military-bound students a head start