Speech Team sees high turnout

Second year sponsor Shannon Bradt gets organized for a new year of Speech Team.

Cameron Bolton

Second year sponsor Shannon Bradt gets organized for a new year of Speech Team.

Cameron Bolton, Staff Reporter

This year, Speech Team has had an increase in students signing up from previous years.  Last year the team consisted of six students signing up while this year the number has ballooned to 45 signups.  Sponsor Shannon Bradt, coaching the team for the second year in a row, remarked that with so few kids on the team last year, they formed a sort of family ,but she also did not seem bothered by all the new faces.

When asked about what students get out of the team, Bradt said that she believes more kids showed up due to better advertising, word of mouth, and more intriguing posters. She also cited the fact that three girls on the team last year went to the final round. Seniors Rebecca Rusiecki, Lily Lilse, and Clair Bollnow were able to make it to the final round due to having good speeches and are currently still on Speech Team.

Also while Pay to Play has discouraged kids from joining other clubs, she believes it didn’t affect them because for Speech Team. It’s only $100 for them as compared to sports where kids have to pay $200.

And unlike sports were you either start or you don’t, that isn’t the case with Speech Team

“We have so many different options [to participate],” she said.

And when asked about what students would be able to get out of the club, she said it encourages kids to become better students, helps them with their public speaking skills, and that it looks good on college applications. Adding that not as much kids signed up last year because they didn’t advertise early enough and that the program was cut two years ago.

Speech Team member Anna Menendez said that students who joined the team could make a lot of good friendships.  She also seemed very excited about the amount of kids signing up.

“The team can [now] get two coaches and we need two coaches,” she said.

Due to the high enrollment, the school board recently posted a vacancy for an assistant coach for the team.

It should prove to be an interesting year for all of those involved. With a year of coaching under her belt, Bradt has learned the most important part in creating interest is advertising and students showing how much fun Speech Team is.