They Walked These Halls: Erin Cunningham

Erin Cunningham has returned to teach Social Studies at RB after studying at Northwestern and Brown.

Kiera Donnamario

Erin Cunningham has returned to teach Social Studies at RB after studying at Northwestern and Brown.

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Erin Cunningham graduated from RB in 2006, making her one of our youngest Alum. While here, Cunningham was involved in badminton for a year, Ecology Club, Scholastic Bowl, French Club, and was president of the AST (Association of Students for Tolerance).  As for classes, she loved everything.

“I was a nerd. I loved school,” she said.  Cunningham said that she really did love being here and being involved.

After leaving RB, Cunningham went on to Northwestern University where she majored in Social Policy with a focus on social education and a minor in French. Originally, she didn’t plan on teaching. In her junior year of college the realization hit her; she did an internship and realized she had to be a teacher before she could make a change in education.

Not long after she graduated from college she set off to France and taught English and American Culture there for a school year. Once she returned to the United States she attended Brown University and got her Master’s Degree in Education. After finishing that in 12 months, she sent Social Studies Department Chair John Beasley an e-mail informing him of her recent status as a now certified social studies teacher and asked if he knew of any openings. Sure enough, there was one here.

Two years ago, she began to teach here. After subbing for various teachers she finally sealed her spot in the social studies department as an Economics and Western Civilization teacher. At first, teaching here was a bit weird.

“It’s not the building I went to school in,” she said.  They began the renovations when she was a senior, so when she began teaching the building was completely different.

As for her past teachers, it took her a while to get used to calling them by their first names.

“They told me I had to call them by their first name or they wouldn’t respond to me,” Cunningham said.

Overall, teaching here has been a positive experience.

“It’s just great to be back. And in all my years of teaching, RB has definitely been the best school with it’s priorities set straight,” she said.

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They Walked These Halls: Erin Cunningham