They Walked These Halls: David Fischer


Kiera Donnamario, Staff Reporter

Graduating in 2007, David Fischer attended Robert Morris University where he majored in Computer Networking/Computer Science. At first, Fischer did not plan on working at RB. He was filling in a temporary summer internship working in the AV Center thanks to Mary Todhunter. Originally he wanted to take a year off, so the money he was making was useful.

As his college career and internship continued, a friend of Fischer’s said he was leaving to go to college. Fischer then met with Mike Connors, the technical director, and took over the internship during the school year. However, it kept getting extended due to Fischer’s good work. After a year he took off a year just to relax.

After his break, where according to Fischer he did absolutely nothing, he began doing some odds and ends jobs for RB’s IT department again just for the summer.  The existing intern at the time was let go, and Fischer took the spot, becoming a full-time employee for the 09-10 school year.

While attending school here, Fischer was a fan of his RBTV class as well as Broadcast Journalism. Just a few of the teachers who taught him here were Gary Prokes for TV, Dan Monahan for History, Melissa Gordon for Math, and Patty Sarkady for Broadcast Journalism. He even produced a few shows that are still in the RB archives. Since loving TV he was involved in working with the Telethon. Still, school wasn’t where he wanted to spend all his time.

“I don’t really think about going here too often,” Fischer said.

Fischer cites the renovations as one of the biggest differences between his time as a student and as an employee.

“I used to walk these halls with staircases that are now gone,” he said.

Besides seeing the improved building as an advantage, Fischer also thinks it has been a benefit that he knew most of the faces at RB and they knew him.  When he first began working at RB, many students knew him from his days as an RB student.

“It’s nice to know people you’re working with,” he said.

While working at RB is the only job Fischer has ever really had, he really enjoys it. For him it’s close and convenient. He was able to go to college while working, and is still able to take part in everything the community has to offer.

“RB’s a great place and a great community,” he said.