Co-editors Heninger and Cunningham lead a new Rouser

Co-editor in chief Alicia Heninger

Co-editor in chief Alicia Heninger

Killian Elwart, Staff Reporter

Everybody waits all year to receive their yearbooks, while Rouser spends all year making it.  Rouser is a class that allows students to write and set up the yearbook.  Students on Rouser always look for a new style of the yearbook.  The new style will be more advance than last year’s yearbook because everyone on Rouser has a greater knowledge of how to run the program.  Rouser will release yearbooks to seniors on May 14 and everyone else on May 15.

What goes on in Rouser?  Co-editors in chief Alicia Heninger (class of 2015) and Molly Cunningham (class of 2015) have shared what does go on during a typical day on staff.

“We meet as a group, go over individual goals, I check on everyone, and I sometimes go to interview people,” Heninger said.

Cunningham also worked both on writing and leading.

“I help people, organize schedules, and interview,” she said.

Heninger has been on Rouser for two years, while Cunningham has been  on it for one year.

“I joined because I liked the yearbook and wanted to be involved in it,” Heninger said.

Cunningham joined because Rouser was low on staff and she enjoys to write.  Her first year on Rouser, she applied to be assistant editor, but a senior got the position.  The editors told her from last year that she would be the new co-editor in chief despite being on Rouser for only a year.  Because most of the staff were new members, there were no hard feelings for Cunningham earning the position so quickly.

“It is still an honor to be a junior and be an editor in chief,” she said.

Both Henninger and Cunningham don’t like when the rest of the staff’s work is not done.  However both editors in chief enjoy being in Rouser.

“Rouser gives you a lot of freedom and you get your own say,” Heninger said.

Being an editor is not at all what Cunningham has expected.  A new adviser, English teacher Kim Hayes, and a very new staff this year have led to a lot of changes.  Hayes, who has sponsored yearbook in the past, replaced Bridget Wilmot who became the Department Chair of Library and Instructional Technology this year.

“Different isn’t always bad though,” Cunningham said.