Traditional turkey?


Dylan Drews, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and most of us will be with our families celebrating. In many cases, relatives from both far and near come together and have a feast. However, not all people have this type of tradition. Some are satisfied by just eating something as simple as a sandwich and chilling out.

“I’m probably just gonna order a pizza and watch some football. There are going to be some huge games this year. Actually, the Lions and Vikings are fighting for first place of the NFC North,” Senior Charlie Lynch said.

Though some pizza and football games are all that are needed to satisfy Charlie, that is not the case for everyone. Most people will be getting together with their families and enjoying a classical dinner that usually consists of turkey and lots of side dishes.

“My family and I usually get together at my grandmas house. I think this year me and my mom are in charge of bringing the stuffing. I’m really looking forward to my grandma’s homemade cooking,” said junior Michael Vilumis.