Life of a Sneakerhead


Isaac Bruno

Air Jordan 4 “11 Lab4”

Kenton Baer, Staff Reporter

A sneakerhead is someone who buys, sells, trades, and loves sneakers. Commonly, sneakerheads tend to own abundant amounts of sneakers. Freshman at Riverside Brookfield high school, Isaac Bruno, has been collecting sneakers for about a year and a half now.

Bruno is a fourteen-year-old sneakerhead, he has been collecting sneakers for about a year and a half now. He decided to become a sneaker head because of his passionate love for basketball, sneakers, and the shoe culture as a whole.

“About two years ago, I fell in love with sneakers, and Michael Jordan had a lot to do with that,” said Bruno.

Bruno acquired his first pair of considerably valuable sneakers about two years ago, when he bought a pair of Jordan 12 “French Blue,” but he genuinely cares for his Jordan 12 “Flu Games” more than any of his other sneakers. But the most expensive pair he owns our his Jordan 11 “Space Jams.”

“I really fell in love with my pair of French Blue, I just wanted to collect more after that,” said Bruno.

Since Bruno started collecting, he has bought buying his sneakers from various sources. Commonly, he buys his shoes from Foot Locker.

Sometimes, he will buy shoes from Restock Chicago. On the rarest of occasions, he will buy or trade with other local Sneakerheads.

Although Bruno has been collecting for about two years, he already has about twelve pairs of (considerably valuable) shoes. His goal is to own two pairs of Jordan’s ever made.

“It’s a general goal to own about two pairs of every Jordan ever made, then possibly have a sneaker business, [called] Bruno’s,” said Bruno.

Isaac says his worst experience as a sneakerhead is paying resale, which is paying more than the actual retail. Bruno’s best memory as a sneakerhead was going to Sneaker con. Sneaker Con is a massive event held in cities across the united states. Last May, Bruno attended Sneaker Con in Schaumburg, Illinois.

“I really love the atmosphere there, it’s nice to be able to possibly snag some deals, and it’s really cool to see sneakerheads come together and sell/trade with them,” said Bruno.