The evolution of shoes


Armando Marmolejo

A students black and white Air Force 1’s.

Armando Marmolejo, Staff Reporter

The evolution’s of shoes have changed over time. There are many varieties and all different kinds of styles that have been released since the first Jordan sneaker came out in 1985.

Sophomore Cesar Padilla and Sophomore Sylvia Garza expressed strong opinions on their shoes. Their first memorable pair of shoes are quite similar.

“My first memorable sneaker I had were the Jordan Retro 5’s, I was super excited to be getting these because I had been wanting these Jordans,” said Garza. “My first memorable sneaker was the Oreo 4’s because they were the first pair of Jordans I had,” said Padilla.

Both Padilla and Garza stated that their favorite brand of shoes are Jordans. To them, Jordan makes the best looking sneakers and the sneakers they sell become very popular in such a short period of time. They also said that when their shoes become more popular; it also means that they can resell them for retail or close to retail prices.

”My favorite pair of sneakers which I have are my Jordan Gamma Blue 11’s. I like them because they look good and are comfortable”, said Padilla.

Before there were no name brands,you were considered lucky if you had nice shoes . There were no Jordans, Nike, or other name brand shoes before these companies came out.

“I think shoes have evolved by how now mostly everyone wants name brand,” said Garza.

“The only name brand shoes that I like to wear are Jordans and Nike shoes because to me they are the most comfortable and they are very popular,” said Padilla.

Garza had a very strong point on the evolution of not just shoes but Jordans.

“Before, the more eye appealing Jordans came out in stores and now you have to order online to get the ones you want, in stores all they sell are the recent models and not any old collectible Jordans,” said Garza.

Padilla believes that name brand shoes have been revolutionized by not just selling them in stores but online as well.

“I think it’s very cool that shoes are available online too because before technology was available, if they didn’t have your size at the store that was it! Now you can customize them and have them be your right size,” said Padilla.

The evolution of shoes has changed so much overtime, from solid colors to colors that were not implemented because the colors on shoes now a days would not have been popular when the first Air Jordan 1 “Chicago’s” came out in 1985.