From staff to students: Kylie Lindquist


Madison Heninger, Staff Reporter

As a fairly new addition to RB’s staff and community, Kylie Lindquist, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, is very optimistic about the 2017-2018 school year especially considering her past experiences. In her third school year at RB, Lindquist is ready to take on the challenges that come with her job.

“This year already feels like it’s going to be my best year so far. I had a lot to learn during my first year. The second year was still a learning curve, but this year I know the ropes and I feel a lot more comfortable with what I’m doing,” said Lindquist.

There are a total of three assistant principals on staff that are in charge of a variety of different things. Lindquist is responsible for enforcing teaching and learning programs for the curriculum of the school year. Overall, she is very involved with both students and teachers.

“I evaluate non-tenured and tenured teachers, program directors, technology services, and the basic operation of the school,” said Lindquist.

Although being new to RB, Lindquist is not new to the school/classroom environment.

“I was an english teacher for 13 years in the south suburbs before I came here,” Lindquist said.

Being a former long-term English teacher, it’s a huge shift to be hired and work as an assistant principal/a job of higher authority.

“There are definitely days where I miss the classroom and I feel like something is missing because I don’t have my own students,” said Lindquist. “At the end of the day, I wouldn’t go back to teaching because I became an administrator to  have a bigger impact on a larger group of people. I’m now able to support teachers which can also translate into the way they help their own students.”

More commonly, administrators and other staff that have more authority than teachers are looking for positions that are a step higher than their current job in the school.

“I would have said a few years ago that I would never want to be a  principal of a school. Now that I have had a lot of experience, I have definitely thought about it more,” Lindquist said. “There are certainly a lot of challenges that come with being a principal; the school really becomes the focus of your life at the time. That used to scare me a bit but it doesn’t anymore. I don’t have immediate plans for stepping up but it’s not off the table.”

Overall, Lindquist is excited for the years to come and isn’t planning on leaving RB anytime soon.

“RB is unique in the way staff is truly dedicated to providing different opportunities to kids and making RB feel like a very close environment. I think that is one of the things that I love most about this school and it’s what makes it a very special place,” said Lindquist.