Life of a Soundcloud Artist


My latest music video

Tyler Kelstrom, Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Tyler Kelstrom, and I am a Soundcloud artist. I sing, rap, and post my songs on Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a website where independent artists like me post their music. I create songs on the software FL Studio. It is a pretty complex software that took me about a year to master the basic controls. I have been using FL studio for about a year and a half now, and just recently started posting my songs on Soundcloud. I posted my first song about a few months ago. I found a free instrumental on the internet and started free styling to it and decided which lyrics sounded better and just started singing it. I then felt confident and went to Best Buy and bought a new Blue Yeti Pro microphone. I thought it was really cool because it had all the specs I was looking for. Once I got home, I plugged it in my computer and got to recording my first song Misery.

After mixing and mastering my vocals, I posted it on Soundcloud. I promoted it on my Snapchat story and my friends commented that my music is really good. The first few days I had about thirty listens. I felt really proud of myself when I saw that there was more and more listens. I didn’t pay attention to the listens for about two weeks., until I checked the Soundcloud app on my phone and realized that I had over nine hundred listens. I could not believe it. I was shocked that I had that many listens. After that, I pushed it to one thousand listens by telling people to listen to it.

Now since everyone I know has listened to it, I have become more widely known. On this exact day I’m writing this, I have one thousand five hundred fifteen listens. When I hit 1,450 listens, I thought I should make a music video for that song. The next weekend me and my friend recorded a video. I posted it on YouTube and currently it has  345 views. It makes me happy when I go to school and I see my fans and people talking about and singing my songs. I also created more songs but have not yet made videos for them. I feel really proud of myself. When I am older I would love to be a famous music artist. That is the process Soundcloud artists go through to do what they love.

If you’re interested in watching my music video, you can view it here: