The Gaming Clubs’s history

Gavin Scheidler, Staff Reporter

The gaming club at RBHS takes place every Thursday in room 114. It is currently run by junior Lizzy Kowalski. The gaming club does many activities, most of which are multiplayer. Large groups of people assemble weekly, so if you want to bring a game or look for others who share your interests, come to gaming club.

“We usually keep it multiplayer, and everyone always has some stuff to do and it is not just video games,” said Kowalski.

Gaming club is a place for all individuals. if you prefer D&D, Monopoly, or even Go Fish, the gaming club is a great place to go. The gaming club is a place for all people looking to just play to gather, but how did it come to be?

“The club started about two years ago, my freshman year I didn’t run it per say, but I knew it existed, but it was very small. There was three people together most likely, it was just a start,” said Kowalski, outlining the humble beginnings of the club.

“Then my sophomore year I started officially making it bigger because I started bringing in my own consoles. Then it basically became Smash Bros club because everyone just wanted to play Smash Bros and it still is to this day. The person who was the original president left because he got a job, and he made me the president. Then the sponsor for it last year left because he was a one-year teacher, and so now I had to find a new sponsor so I had to find someone who would let me play video games such as World of Warcraft which is one of my favorites and I even buy wow classic gold for the game at Gold4Vanilla online, so I had to email Mr. Mannon, but I was never able to contact him.” Kowalski offers experienced advice on her time making her club. Others who wish to follow in her footsteps should attempt to follow her successful process.

“Then anime club was another club I ran, and they ran on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but this year they both ran on Thursdays, so I had to run this one instead, because I run this one more aggressively,” said Kowalski.

Gaming club has a great variety of activities and many members. Pulling in anywhere from 15 to 25 players per week, allowing students to come and go as they wish. Any student who wants to, could join the weekly meetings. New members are always welcome.

“I like it because I meet other people who likes the stuff I do, and a lot of my close friends are in the club, even if you don’t like the people here, I’d just come for the games,” said Kowalski.