Public utilizes facilities at RB


Spectators gather at a RB sporting event Photo by Lexi Soto

Tyler Miller, Staff Reporter

With an updated campus, educated staff, and relatively large student body, Riverside Brookfield High School has become a place not only for education, but for the community as well. During the off school months, the building is used for endless events, including graduations, sporting events, and practice facilities for other sports. Whether you are a student or not, there are always opportunity to take full advantage of the campus.

On an average day during the months of August through May, you can find school in session with students going about their school day. Whether that student is just coming and going to each class, practicing for a sport everyday after school, or just likes to spend time with friends at lunch, there is no limit on how you spend your week days at this school.

In the last decade, changes were also implemented as a way to modernize and make the school safer for all. Parts of the school, including the old stadium and track were renovated due to age and safety concerns. Since so much money was spent, use of the facilities were essential. Principal Kristen Smetana encourages all to take advantage of RB’s facilities both during and outside of school.

“The community pays taxes to the support the school, so we should be providing access to the building when possible. I also believe that the school should be an integral part of the community,” explained Smetana.

Future students make up a large portion of the visitors. The three main middle schools, Hauser, S.E. Gross, and Komarek, along with non-feeder school Lindop hold graduations here. Outside programs that use RB as a gathering place include, Bullet’s Swim Club, Bandits Softball, Rockets Baseball, and the Brookfield Little League.

“We have amazing facilities and are a part of the community. Many students feel like RB is the home before they are a student here, due to coming to RB for their activities, as well as watching RB sports and activities,” said Smetana.