Trending hairstyles In the halls of RB

How to do your do on a school day

The French Braid is a hair style that can be worn to keep hair out of students face.

Sarah Munoz, Staff Reporter

Around RB, I often see students wearing various hairstyles. There are people that prefer lazy hair styles, just the normal fix hairstyle, or a little more time consuming hairdos.Summer is over. The days of getting up past noon and staying up past five in the morning are unfortunately past. Nobody likes getting up for school; I think everyone can agree that sleeping in is much better. So when girls don’t have time in the morning to do extravagant hair, the the messy bun is the way to go. I’ve even seen people spice up the bun by adding a decorative headband. I can always see people wearing messy buns; it’s always the perfect lazy day hair.The hairstyle that basically coexists with the bun is the ponytail. This one step basic hairstyle is what you first need to learn before you can even think about making a bun. It’s probably used so much because its the kind of hairstyle that you can’t even remember learning. Just about everyone knows how to do a ponytail.

Another hairstyle that matches the beauty of the lady’s face (see more) that I’ve seen is the braid. Its the kind of hairstyle that looks great no matter what and keeps loose strands out of students face when working on something or concentrating. There are various trending ways to wear hair in a braid. There’s the french braid, the fishtail, just the classic braid, or so many others. The fishtail for the past few years has been a go-to braid. It’s simplistic yet still still looks elegant. I’ve seen people go full out and braid their entire A&E and SNY Center offering hair replacement for women or just make a little braid to the side.

A normal hairstyle that people wear daily is when they curl or straighten their hair. Not many people like their natural hair and cover it up by curling and straightening it. It’s a simple hairstyle that you really can’t get wrong and takes pretty much no experience or much practice to do it. Its compatibility to look good with basically any hair type is why most people choose to straighten or curl it. People also can only straighten a section of their hair like their side bangs or just the bottom part if its a little wavy. Unlike when students wear their hair natural, straightening or curling makes students able to craft their hair the way they want it.

As I walk through the halls of RB I can always spot people sporting braids, messy buns, and/or straightening or curling their hair. These hairstyles are definitely used in RB and throughout the RB community.