New Year’s resolutions and that magical midnight kiss

When the clock struck midnight for 2014, what were you doing?

Courtesy of MCT Campus (12/18/13)

When the clock struck midnight for 2014, what were you doing?

Sarah Munoz, Staff Reporter

Every year is a start of something new. There are countless movies about that “magical kiss” that you get from your love at midnight or people making new resolutions to change.

Is that real life?  Do RB students believe in New Year’s resolutions?

Sophomore Romer Jimenez isn’t really a firm believer in New Year’s resolutions. He believes that people don’t end up keeping their resolutions in the end anyways, so the resolutions are pointless.  With that being said, Jimenez still practices in making a resolution from year to year.

Jimenez believes his New Year’s resolution this year will be to get better grades in school and to maintain the higher grades he already has. Jimenez isn’t just talking about others though when he says that he believes that other people’s resolutions never really last. Jimenez said that on average he keeps his resolutions on average for about one to two months before just deciding to just forfeit the idea.

Jimenez’s New Years tradition every year is to stay up until midnight just playing xBox. He explains that his parents normally fall asleep with his younger sister and he usually stays up on his own. His goal for the New Year, which is different than a resolution, is to try some new things throughout the year.  Jimeze has never experienced the magical New Year’s kiss.  He says he’s usually on his own at midnight, but he’s hoping for that kiss in upcoming years.

Sophomore Elvis Begic said, “[My New Year’s resolution] this year is to either be at the halfway point for saving for my car or to start playing in the USTA (The United States Tennis Association).”

Begić believes that it depends on the type of resolution for it to be important or not. Some of the more “dumb” resolutions are less important and have less of an impact on people’s lives than the ones that are more like priorities.  For example, Begic thinks it might be more important to get a job this year than to wish to lose ten pounds.

On New Year’s Eve Begić normally goes skiing when given the opportunity. But if not, Begić stays home with the family to watch the ball drop at midnight. When asked Begić said that regretfully he hasn’t gotten the chance to get that “magical kiss” on midnight but is waiting for the opportunity to come in the future.

Sophomore Jacob Jusino said, “[New Year’s resolutions] are not really that important unless they’re something that I truly need to change.”

Jusino isn’t sure what his New Years resolution this year will be but he has an idea. It is something in the realms between school work and making money. Jusino revealed that he really doesn’t keep his resolutions. His resolutions last around two to four months. Jusino’s parents usually promise to stay up with him for the ball to drop but ultimately in the end they pass out well before midnight. Jusino still hasn’t received that “magical kiss” at midnight.

In the end none of the interviewees ended up having that “magical kiss.” But all of them were looking forward to it. Even if life isn’t really how it is in the movies, we still strive for the perfection that movies have.