I wore a flannel shirt for a Clarion story and it was cool

The writer likes oranges as well as flannels.

Photo illustration by Zach Hundrieser

The writer likes oranges as well as flannels.

Zach Hundrieser, Lifestyles Editor

Flannel shirts.  A staple to society since the 17th century. But when the 1990’s grunge scene hit, that is when flannel shirts skyrocketed. Since that scene, flannels have been commonly associated with rockers and loners. Before they were associated with that group, flannels were also a part of the wardrobe of almost every lumberjack. Nowadays, the flannel scene has calmed down a bit, but they are still fairly common. Every day there’s always at least one person strutting down the street while proudly rocking a flannel.

But why flannels? And are flannels for everybody? To be honest, I have no idea. Maybe it’s the association with being a 90’s grunge rocker? Well, these questions will be answered. I interviewed my local flannel shirt expert and connoisseur, RB student Ben Gembara, for some answers.

Q: Why are flannels your choice of wear?
A: Flannels give everything. Warmth, fashion, long sleeves or short sleeves. Theyre like a warm hug that only they can give.

Q: What makes flannels so awesome?
A: Flannels are awesome because they can be anything they can be be short sleeves, long sleeves, open, buttoned up. They are the jack of all trades kind of clothings.

Q: Are they good for all year weather?
A: Flannels are suitable for any weather.  I wear them all year round and I’m doing just fine!

Q: Are flannels for everybody?
A: I’d suggest giving flannels a shot; you’ll grow to love them.

Q: How can you find the right flannel?
A:  The place to find suburban flannels are at your local thrift shop. It’s like they say, “I wear your granddad’s clothes, and I look incredible!”

Q: Is the flannel tied around the waist still a cool look? Or is it too 90’s?
A: You can only tie it around the waist when it’s too hot outside but you still want to feel the warm embrace of a flannel.

After being convinced by the flannel maestro that flannels are totally cool and awesome, I decided to try these so called “flannels” out, since I was always more of a hoodie kind of guy.

I sauntered my way down to the local Goodwill looking for a flannel to fit my personal style. I decided to go old school lumberjack with my flannel, so I bought a plaid crimson red one. After purchasing the manly looking flannel for the low price of $3.47, I stepped out of the shadow of Goodwill and onto the sunlight of society.

Right as I tucked it into the waist of my tight fitting pants, I was rocking it. I strolled down the street in my flannel, tight jeans, sneakers, and sunglasses. People would turn their heads in awe at my swagger. I winked and strutted as attractive women gasped and tried to suppress the urge to try and touch my flannel.

To get down to real business however, the chilly day was no match for my flannel. The way my flannel shirt wrapped around my skin kept the cool air from penetrating the shirt and touching my soft and clear skin. To sum things up, I was kept warm throughout the whole day of running errands and being the amazing person I am.

It goes to show that flannels are super awesome. This fashion expert gives the flannel shirt two thumbs up. Next time it’s just a little too chilly out, don’t grab that hoodie.  Grab your trusty flannel.