Flipping out for Sunny D

New bottles are sunny and delightful

Flipping out for Sunny D

Zach Hundrieser, Lifestyles Editor

There have been many times where I’ll be running late to school, but I’ll have a towering glass of Sunny Delight (or Sunny D for short) triumphantly sitting upon my kitchen counter, eyeing me down with it’s Sunny Delightness.

What would you do in this situation? Would you finish the glass of Sunny D? Or would you go to school on time?

If you have at least three brain cells, you would choose the Sunny D, as I did. But at what cost? The loss of valuable learning time. But how can we prevent that from happening? What would be a cost efficient and manageable way to fix the problem of choosing between Sunny D and school. The good people at the Sunny Delight Beverages Company have found a way.

For those who don’t know what the phenomenon that Sunny D is, here’s a quick review of the drink itself. The beverage Sunny D is the proverbial bee’s knees. Some compare it to orange juice, some compare it to pop, and some compare it to Kool Aid. Yes, I’ve heard someone compare Sunny D to Kool Aid. The point is, it’s none of those things. Sunny D is it’s own unique beverage that makes other beverages cower in defeat since it is so delish. It sits on it’s own Iron Throne, and quickly smites any other beverage that tries to dethrone it.

But what makes Sunny D so delicious? That answer my friend, is way beyond my comprehension. It could be its citrus flavor, it could be its consistency, it could be the way it hits your mouth, I don’t know. What I do know is that there are literally thousands that stand behind my statement that Sunny D is bigger than life itself.

The other day I made my way to the local Costco, where I went to pick up some food and beverages to nourish me. I didn’t have a grocery list, because those are for amateurs. I was just grabbing food items that looked delicious, such as frozen chimichangas and tamales. All of a sudden I found myself staggering upon the aisle where they stored Sunny D, and without hesitation I picked up a case of Sunny D like He-Man, and proceeded to chuck the case of Sunny D into my cart. People looked at me in veneration, as I foamed at the mouth and scampered my way to the front of the payment line.

Now, you are probably wondering why must I live this way. Well, hey, it’s not from the money.  After purchasing my Sunny D and other miscellaneous food items, I hurried my way home where I tore open my case of Sunny D with gusto, when I realised this wasn’t an ordinary case of Sunny D.

My reaction could be comparable to that scene in Pulp Fiction when Vince Vega opens that briefcase with the big glowing light coming out of it, and he looks mesmerised and shocked. Except when I opened my briefcase (the case of Sunny D) that light was emitting from the sheer awesomeness and wondrous inventiveness that I had stumbled upon.

The Sunny D bottles that I had purchased had flip tops.

I stared in disbelief.  They did it.  They really did it.  When I say they, I mean the good people at the Sunny Delight Beverages Co. This to me, is a breakthrough in the world of citrus beverages. As described in the beginning of my article, I had always struggled with the decision between going to school, or finishing my glass of Sunny D. Now, I finally had a solution to my problems. But the day came, oh did the day come that I had to put these bottles to the test. Did the flip top actually work?

Oh, yes, they worked.

In my closing thoughts, I believe that the Sunny Delight Beverage Co. has came out with a clever and innovative product. Now that I have the ability to transport my Sunny D fix with no hustle or mess, I can finally be on time not only for school, but miscellaneous events that I normally attend. No more will I awkwardly blunder into a room filled with people, with the excuse that I had to finish my Sunny D. All I have left to say is thank you. Thank you to the Sunny Delight Beverage Co. for making my life so much easier and better now that I can enjoy my Sunny D with no hassle.