Weird of the Web: Bored? Press the button!

Nick Rogoz, Staff Editor

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What it is: 

It’s, a web site that randomly takes you to a another web site when you press a big red button called the bored button. There’s a multitude of web sites it could bring you to. There’s a web site where you play rock paper scissors. There’s web site that drops you somewhere randomly in the world in Google street view. There’s even a web site where you have to do nothing for two minutes. That’s it, just sit and relax for two minutes.

Why you need to see it:

Because everyone gets bored. Everyone knows that feeling they get when they’re browsing the web and you keep opening and closing the same two pages because you have no idea what else to do. This is also perfect for killing time.

About the Writer
Nick Rogoz, Co Editor-in-Chief

After winning the World Polo Championship for the 25th straight year, Nick had to give up being the Michael Jordan of the polo world after he and his horse...

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Weird of the Web: Bored? Press the button!