Weird of the Web: Art

I dont what that is either.

I don’t what that is either.

Nick Rogoz, Staff Reporter


What it is:

It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s beauty personified. It’s art, and if you’re unable to see why, I implore you to look deeper. The worm creature represents us, and the shaking represents all the troubles we go through in life. The worm is resilient, and even after all that shaking, still stands tall and faces the next round of violent shaking without even flinching. He serves as a model for how we should face all of our troubles in life, and continue to move forward, no matter how tough it is to do so.

I’m just playing, it’s nothing more than a worm that you violently shake, causing the screen to flash bright lights and just cause a ruckus over all.

Why you need to see it:

It’s really fun to look at. That’s about it really. Here’s the link, you can see for yourself.