Your #1 guide for balancing school work and after school activities


Sadiel Sanchez, Staff Reporter

A healthy balance of extracurricular activities and school work is key for a successful high school career. While many after school activities are important and beneficial, they can take up a lot of your time and can lead to major stress. Here, you will learn many techniques on how to effectively stay involved in activities while also keeping your grades up.

  1. School should always come first

No matter what, you should always find a way to complete your assignments, even if it means not attending an extracurricular event. After your work is completed, you can start worrying about doing other activities that consume a lot of your free time. If you feel like an after school activity is restricting you from completing your work on time, you should think about quitting and getting involved in something that is more light and less time consuming.

  1. Know your schedule and prioritize accordingly

Time management is one of the most important things to know as a student. You should always know how to schedule certain activities/events so you know what has to be done. Once you have done that, you know what has to be done and at what time. This is one of the key techniques to high school success.

  1. Take advantage of school hours

Teachers often give you time to finish your homework during class, so you should try and get done as much as possible during that short period while, of course, putting forward your best effort. This will give you the right amount of focus you need on your extracurricular activity without having to worry about uncompleted school work.

  1. Spend your time wisely

Waste as little time as possible. When doing your work, find something that keeps you focused and something that prevents any distractions. For example, try listening to soft music while you do your work. It is an easy way to clear your mind while also keeping you on task.

  1. Do not be afraid to multitask

Multitasking can seem overwhelming but it is also a very helpful technique when you are in difficult situations. For example, if you have to attend an important athletic event but still have a load of homework to complete, find some downtime to get a head-start on your homework. Even if it means starting it on the car ride there, it can take some pressure off your shoulders and can help you perform better at your event.

  1. Ask for help

Many teachers offer after and before school assistance. If you are having trouble understanding a certain topic during class, ask for help. It can save you a lot of time and can help you complete more accurate work at a faster rate.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to stay involved in many activities while still staying focused on your main priority; successfully completing your work and getting good grades.