Blood drive a strong RB tradition

On Wednesday October 28, RB will be hosting a Blood Drive.  LifeSource, an independent company that collects blood donations, will be in the building in the Alumni Lounge from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Student Association (SA) has been stationed at the front of the lunch room for the past week so that students 16 or older can sign up to donate blood.

This happens three times a year. Each time is spaced throughout the year so that students can donate all three times since it’s necessary to have 76 days in between each donation. There is also another drive in the summer.

Last year, RB collected over 350 pints of blood, and it seems as though more and more students want to donate.

“We hit a record high last year,” said president of SA, Kelly Sherman, “But we definitely beat it this year. The list was full of names.”

Of course not everyone can donate. Students have to weigh more than 110 pounds, be in good health, and not have been tattooed or received a piercing in the past year. With H1N1 hitting RB, “Even the slightest of temperature could be a risk,” said SA sponsor, Angela Ziola.

According to LifeSource, each donation can save up to three people in need of blood. 60 percent of the population is eligible to donate blood, yet only 5 percent do.

“People should realize it’s only 15 minutes out of their life. Others depend on your perfectly healthy blood,” said treasurer of SA, Giulia Bova.

After participating, donors will receive shirts. There will also be food and drinks.

If you want to help save three lives, donate blood. People depend on it.