Blood drive and surprise guests collect 109 pints

At RB’s first 2009-10 blood drive, 109 pints of blood collected. There weren’t enough pints of blood to hit a record, yet Student Association sponsor, Angela Ziola said, “The numbers were great with the condition of the students and staff having the flu.”

Fourteen people were deferred which means they wanted to donate blood but couldn’t. This was either because they had a temperature higher than 99.5 degrees or their iron levels were too low.

There were sixteen people who did the Alyx machine donation. With this donation, blood is withdrawn and red blood cells are separated from it and the rest is returned to the donor. Alyx removes two times the blood than a regular donation.

With the requirements of having to be 5’1’’ and weigh at least 130 pounds for a male, and 5’5’’ and weigh at least 150 pounds for a female, it was a very good turnout.

There were also surprise guests at the blood drive. Two 1985 Bears players showed up at RB. Shaun Gayle and Emery Moorehead were signing autographs and posters. Both frequently donate blood, but couldn’t during the RB blood drive because they recently did.

If you missed out on the last blood drive or want to donate again, the next one will be Wednesday, February 3. Anyone over the age of 16, once again, can donate. RB students and staff saved 327 people with this blood drive. Help save even more people by donating blood.