Ireland cultural adventure set for next summer

Next summer, Riverside Brookfield will be offering a cultural trip to Ireland. English teacher, Dan O’Rourke, is the man responsible for the planning of this brilliant adventure.

About two weeks ago, a brief meeting was held which discussed the details of the trip. According to the itinerary, the trip is a total of twelve days long. It is clear that this will not be an overseas trip where you are just staying in one location for the duration of those twelve days; the trip is literally all over Ireland. Students selected to go on the trip will visit all over the great land that is Ireland, including Galway City, the Aran Islands, Sligo, Ballycastle, Belfast, and Dublin.

The cost of the trip totals up to $2,500. There are currently seven students signed up, and a minimum of twelve students are required for the trip to take place (no maximum amount is written in stone, but Mr. O’Rourke’s estimate is about twenty). So if you’re interested in taking part in this cultural adventure, see Mr. O’Rourke for more information.