Keep on running

Seven students from RB had the chance to run in sectionals on Saturday, October 31, but only Sam Oberholtzer made the qualifications for state. The top five teams are the only one’s who can go to state, along with the top five individuals not on those teams. Oberholtzer came in the third place, allowing her to race on November 7th in Peoria, Illinois.

Oberholtzer ran in Detweiller Park and her coach expected great things from her. Coach Whitney Carlson said that “Sam is a tough competitor. I expect her to be in the top 50 or even top 25 (all state).”

Last year the team came in third place; they also made it to state. This year they struggled with injury, sickness, etc. Carlson states that, “Although we have a talented team, it just wasn’t our day.”

The other members of the team who competed were: Sam (3rd place) and Sydney (mid-late 20’s) Oberholtzer, Anna Tess (35-36), Maggie McLaughlin, Kelly Glavin (80’s), Gabby Ulloa (60’s), and Rachel Powell.

Sophomore Maggie McLaughlin reports that sectionals were “very disappointing, we were expecting to go to state, but we didn’t run our best. I feel really sad, but proud of Sam and the boys.”

On Saturday November 7, Oberholtzer proved her coach correct and placed 51st in state finishing with a time of early-mid nineteen minutes. She had a phenomenal performance and ran her best. She was supported by her fellow teammates and made RB proud.