The superintendent search continues

Joe Sauer, Opinion Manager

With the search for a new superintendent continuing there has been a change in the outlook on the situation here at RB. Steve Humphrey, of Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates Ltd, recommended that the interim superintendent, David Bonnette, stay as interim superintendent until either January or July.

Bonnette has reduced the chaos at Riverside Brookfield after Jack Baldermann stepped down from his position as superintendent. The school board spent two days interviewing potential superintendents until the idea was proposed that it should hire a new principal before it hires a new superintendent.

Last year Baldermann held the positions of both principal and superintendent. “With a filled principal position and superintendent position, there would be more importance to the role of principal.” said Bonnette, when asked what he thought about the decision.  

When Baldermann stepped down, Tim Scanlon, who was assistant principal of instruction last school year, stepped up to become the new principle. Scanlon was O. K. with being interim principle for up to a year.

The school board recommends that it holds off the search for a new superintendent until next November and to have a new principal by July 1st. At the meeting on October 29th the school board said that it was willing to commit to the idea and will have another meeting on November 10th to make its decision official.