Skyward experiences growing pains

A quarter and a half into the school year, RB’s grading system has been experiencing some growing pains.

Skyward, new to RB this year, holds information about students such as their grades, discipline, and even where they live. Teachers keep attendance through Skyward and also send messages.

Many problems have occurred throughout the school year with the new program. The reason is not because Skyward itself is a bad system, but because of the conversion. All one thousand and five hundred students’ data had to be switched from SASI, RB’s old grading system, to Skyward.

“The problems aren’t bad,” said Interim Assistant Principal, Troy Gobble, “The problem is really with little things.”

The most recent problem with Skyward is that it was calculating GPAs incorrectly. There is already a great team working to fix it: the Data Processing team.

“We will find a way to fix it, and I think it will be fixed by December,” Gobble said.

Another trouble the school has had with Skyward is that Skyward has generated old e-mails and sent them to parents. Though no one is exactly sure why it happened, it was believed to be a glitch in the system, but is now repaired.

Teachers were also not able make adjustments to first quarter grades. The reason behind this however was not because Skyward was having a problem. Administrators had to lock down the grade book to print out first quarter grades. The administrators have opened it again grade window but it will be closed soon.

“I anticipated these issues- there are always some problems. It’s important for us to stay ahead of the game and look at the areas that will impact us most,” Data Processing Supervisor, Ron Lilke, said

He and the other Data Processing team members are working to correct these small issues.

Even through these small troubles, administrators believe they are getting good feedback on Skyward.

“The adjustment the school is going through is average and not overpowering. The faculty has adapted well,” Lilke said.