Fine Arts department keeping busy during winter season

During the winter and holiday season, the Riverside Fine Arts department hosts and has students perform at a number of events. The holiday season is one of the main times when RB students get a chance to showcase their artistic abilities.

The main musical event during the season is the Holiday Concert. An annual tradition, the Holiday Concert is an excellent display of students’ musical talent and hard work. This year the concert took place on Thursday, December 10th. Students from the bands, choirs, and the orchestra all performed for students, staff, families, and local community members.

In addition, several other musical groups performed, or will perform at other events. The Madrigal Singers, RB’s premier vocal group, had a staggering number of concerts during December. With over eight concerts in December alone, The Madrigal Singers have been busy filling the surrounding community with holiday cheer.

The annual All State music festival is at the end of January. RB has six students representing our high school this year, and the music faculty is excited to have such a large representation. Being selected as an All State Finalist is a significant achievement and requires lots of hard work and effort.

In February, the music department begins its “winter concert” series, an event featuring all three music departments performing concerts in three successive weeks.

Music is not the only area where students are displaying their talents and abilities. The RB dance program, in particular the Repertory Dance Ensemble, is busy during the winter season. The talented dancers preformed at the Riverside and Brookfield Holiday Festivals on December, 4th 2009, and have a number of concerts planned for January and February. On January 15th, the Dancers are hosting a concert in the Little Theater to raise money for AIDS research.

In addition to the numerous concerts, the RB dance program is submitting two of their dances to be potentially preformed at a state dance festival. Committee meetings are also starting for the Illinois High School State Dance Festival, as it will be held here at RB for the first time ever.

Drama students are also busy during this time of the year. Improv Club, a new club here at RB, had their troupe put on a performance on December 11th, 2009.

In the art world, the murals that students have been working so hard on were finally unveiled on December 4th, 2009. The Winter Art show, the Art Department’s biggest winter event, is being held on January 7th, soon after school resumes.