Dance Dance “Revolution”

RB’s Repertory Dance Ensemble showed their stuff on January 15th when they put on “Revolution”, their first show of the year.  Two performances took place at 4pm and 7pm and were held in the little theatre.  The show consisted of nine pieces, each choreographed by senior dancers and two pieces done by guest choreographers Donnette Cannonie and Jon Lehrer.

RDE is a new company at RB that includes 16 dancers.  The company meets every day during fourth hour and after school on Wednesdays.  “Revolution” was put on to showcase some of the pieces that will be performed at the orchesis show on April 30th.  Senior dancers proposed their choreography to Dance Director Mindy Haines who then picked four to be performed.

Senior RDE member Melissa Pruitt choreographed the dance “Numb” which was one of the nine pieces in the January 25th show.  For Pruitt, inspiration for the dance came from a song she fell in love with.

“My friend showed me the song “Sleepy Head” by Passion Pit,” said Pruitt, “It’s one a lot of people haven’t heard of and it’s got a really different sound.”

Pruitt’s motivation for the dance was to demonstrate how the leaders of the world will outshine the people who are oblivious to what’s going on.

“My favorite part of the dance is the main chorus,” said Pruitt, “It really pulls together with everyone in the dance.”’

Pruitt has been dancing for sixteen years and enjoyed being able to showcase her piece in Revolution.

“It’s the best choreography I’ve come up with,” she said.