MUNUC XXII attracts students worldwide

On February 4th, students in RB’s Model United Nations club attended the Model United Nations of the University of Chicago conference (MUNUC) at the Palmer House Hilton at downtown Chicago.  This year marked the 22nd year of the conference and RB participants had been eagerly anticipating the conference.

 MUNUC is one of the most prestigious Model U.N. conferences and it attracts students from all over the U.S as well as some students from other parts of the world. MUNUC brings to life the problems that face the real world and allows participants to represent their assigned country’s position and work towards resolving issues of global importance. 

Nineteen students from RB attended the conference and the countries that they represented were Guinea-Bissau and the Bahamas.                

 The conference was four days long and each participant acted as a delegate for a nation and represented that nation in one of 24 different committees. Each nation was represented by two students who were from the same school.    

 Each committee worked at solving certain issues that were germane to two different topics that each delegate had to research prior to the start of the conference.  Delegates heatedly debated for hours about what the proper solution to the problems were. Once the majority of the nations in a committee agreed on the solution to the problem at hand, they passed a resolution.

During their time at the conference, students gained a greater sense of politics, diplomacy, and foreign affairs and socialized with participants from other schools.          

 Although the conference was full of long days and restless nights, participants had the opportunity to mix play with work. Participants were given the opportunity to explore Chicago during breaks. On the last night of the conference participants attended the delegate dance and had the opportunity to dance with other delegates, and meet new people who had not been in their committee. 

Students enjoyed the experience and were left wanting more after it ended Students from RB will also be attending the Model United Nations conference at the University of Illinois in April. Of the nineteen students who attended the conference, only five were not seniors. Because of this, the club is looking for underclassmen to replace the seniors next year.