Students discuss Internet safety

On March 2nd during an extended second period, students were shown three videos concerning Internet safety.

The first clip was an informative piece hosted by technology journalist and Internet safety advocate Larry Magid of C-Net and dealt with privacy settings on Facebook. The second clip dealt with cyberbullying and the importance of password safety, while the third clip was about a girl who posted a provocative photo online.

The videos were followed up by a short talk from classroom teachers who either spoke about their online use or did a question and answer session. Library and Instructional Technology Department Chair Doreen Fritz, who arranged for students to view the videos after the state requested it, decided to show in it an extended class instead of incorporating it into the curriculum.

Fritz said, “I hope that students benefitted from the information shared in the video — and that subsequent discussion was beneficial, too. ”

Freshman Freddy Kevin found the video to be  useful. “It was good,” said Kevin,  “It was very straightforward and easy to understand.”