Wait until next year, St. Baldrick’s

It is the time of year when students are usually packed into the auditorium for an annual hair-shaving experience. For the past two years, Riverside-Brookfield High School has participated in the worldwide event called St. Baldrick’s Day, which supports cancer research.

This year, RB has chosen not to be a part of this event; there is a reason why RB has decided not to participate, though. It is the financial aspect of St. Baldrick’s. Not only does the school need money to hold the event, but it’s taxing to hold such an event every year.

“It wouldn’t have as much steam if they did it every year,” said Math Department Chair Doug Schultz, who has participated both years. “They decided to go every other year because of the time it takes to put together.”  Schultz has played a big part in each St. Baldrick’s day festivities because he has a special reason. “I have been a part of [St. Baldrick’s Day] each year because my niece passed away from cancer.”

Many of the shavees have special reasons for participating. Many people have loved ones who have been affected by cancer and they want to do their part. Last year on March 13th the entire gym was packed for the event as many kids and teachers had their heads shaved. Both boys and girls were there to donate their hair to the cause.

Even some of the construction workers participated; the head of the construction company, Andy Totten, got his head shaved by Schultz. The shavers did a good job, though some kids did have to get it reshaped a little afterwards. These kids went to the seemingly ubiquitous Schultz to finish the job.

This fundraiser is not just an RB event. On St. Baldrick’s Day, schools all over the globe shave their heads to represent kids that have to lose their hair through the cancer process. In addition to this, they raise money for cancer research. All 50 states have done St. Baldrick’s Day as well as 24 countries.

St. Baldrick’s began in 1999 in New York City and has grown from just one event to thousands. Over $60 million has been raised during the decade that the St. Baldrick’s Foundation has been around. It has also received a lot of publicity at the national scale as stars such as Jay Leno and Jackie Chan have shaved their heads for cancer research.

This year, RB has decided to go for Locks of Love rather than St. Baldrick’s Day. It is going to be a small event, where students can donate hair if they want. The hair will be made into wigs for cancer patients.

The gym will not be packed this March to watch students get their hair cut, but next year, the festivities will continue in a strong fashion. And you can bet that the gym will be packed and the money will be flowing to cancer research.