RB re–certified as “quality high school”

On April 26, 2010, RB was visited by an on-site review team from the North Central Association on Accreditation and School Improvement, who, after walking around the school all day observing the administration, faculty, learning atmosphere, and new building, fully accredited the school, meaning it is a certifiably quality high school.

The North Central Association, or NCA, offers a voluntary self evaluation process to high schools. They look for positive attributes to schools which are known to foster student achievement. After the school evaluates itself, a team of trained professional educators visits the school to determine if the school meets the standards for accreditation.

This year was RB’s turn to have an on-site evaluation, something that happens every five years. On the 26th, students may have noticed this team of educators first meeting in the Lehotsky room on the second floor before 8:00 and later moving throughout the school in an effort to make an evaluation. They spent the day in classrooms, interviewed many teachers, students, staff, and parents, and let RB know if its self evaluation was accurate.

The NCA cited many positive aspects of our school that were made known in a press release from Interim Superintendent Dave Bonnette.
“The following areas of commendation were noted: RB has a close knit, family atmosphere. There are many opportunities for students and staff to participate in leadership activities. The school has high expectations for all students. There is strong support for the administrative team. Teachers in the school are willing to go the extra mile for students. The team recommended [for our school]: The development and use of additional data and student assessments to help guide instruction…a recommendation to continue supporting positive approaches to discipline and security was made.”

Because RB is fully accredited, RB’s graduates can proudly state that they attended a high quality high school. A fully accredited school means students have a tough curriculum taught by excellent teachers.