Dress Code Policy: Too Strict?

The 2010-2011 school year has officially begun and some students feel  like the administration has become  more strict about school policy. The dress code has been a concern for many in the female student body.

Sophomore Hannah Claywell, said, “Enforcing the dress code is fine, but this year it seems to have gotten very strict. Some people’s apparel is not appropriate, but other times it seems like they’re getting too carried away.”

Even though many students feel the dress code has changed, according to school administration, it hasn’t. The policy in the handbook is the same as it has been every year.

 When asked if the administration was enforcing the policy more tightly this year, Principal Pam Bylsma said, “Rules are important and you have to stand behind it. If you say something, you have to do it, otherwise what kind of role model are you?”

Bylsma  added, “[Dress code is] an issue at every school from summer to school. [The administration] needs to remind the students what’s appropriate.”

Junior Justine Espisito, said, “I like that they are actually enforcing the dress code because some shorts people wear are just ridiculously short. I just don’t think it’s fair to judge how appropriate the shorts are in comparison to a person’s hands.

 My arms are very long and my torso is very short. I’d have to wear shorts that were as long as capris.”

Byslma told Clarion that the dress code is not becoming more of an important issue than in previous years;  it’s the same. She would never want uniforms to appear at RB because she feels clothes make a statement. The expression of personalities are important and she would never want to restrict that.

According to Bylsma, the dress code is also in place to get students to respect themselves. Some clothes just don’t do that. School is like a student’s job. If you are going to a job interview, sweat pants are not the appropriate clothing choice. The clothes you wear are a way to show how serious you are about the task.