Conferences go hi-tech

Hrvoje Zolo, staff reporter

Parent-teacher conferences looked a little different this year. They were still in the main gym, but some teachers approached the conferences in a different way. Usually they would have stacks grade sheets and folders with them, but this year many teachers had laptops. Teachers pulled up Skyward on their computers and talked to parents that way instead of having papers.

For example, English teacher John Izaguirre said,” I used both a printed hand out of each students grades and I used Skyward. I had my own computer and I used Skyward as a reference. Even if the grades are available online, I think it is important for parents to come and actually sit down and talk with their child’s teacher. The one on one time during conferences is more important than viewing grades or posting them online.”

Every student that was interviewed gave negative thoughts about parent teacher conferences, whether it was because of grades or they just didn’t acknowledge it.

Senior Kyle Devaris said, “No, my parents don’t go to them because they are too busy. I don’t like parent teacher conferences because I don’t want my parents knowing my grade.”

Senior Mike Buckley said, “Conferences are horrible because if I have bad grades I’ll get in trouble, but if I have great grades I don’t get anything from my parents, it’s a lose-lose situation.”

 Senior Jim Cifaldi said, “No, my parents don’t go because they don’t want to go. Plus the new thing is Skyward, I’m sure they can find everything out on that.”

Skyward was introduced last year to RB and parents can get all of their children’s information school wise. They can see grades and even notes about their child in class, depending on if the teacher writes a note.