Wellness center open for community

Wellness center open for community

Treadmills in the wellness center

Charlie Morrissey, Sports manager

Every New Year, millions of people make their new year’s resolutions for the upcoming year. Many of these for adults are about getting in shape and heading to the gym several times a week. In the local area, many people head to the YMCA in Lagrange, Cardinal Fitness in LaGrange, or the recently opened LA Fitness in Broadview. But as of January 11, adults are now welcome to exercise in Riverside-Brookfield High School’s wellness center.

The wellness center features 40 cardiovascular machines: 10 treadmills, 10 bikes, 10 ellipticals, and 10 stair-climbers. The machines are made by Life Fitness and all are in good condition.

The membership for the wellness center will cost $30 for district residents and $50 for those who live out of district. The membership is a six-week offer that goes through February 17, 2011. However, the Wellness Center is only open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 6:00- 8:00 PM for adults.

The Wellness Center is an affordable option for district residents. The membership for the YMCA in LaGrange is $40 per month (excluding fee for joining) and an LA Fitness membership costs $9.95 per week. These gyms do offer more equipment, but for cardiovascular equipment, the Wellness Center is a good financial option.

Students are still welcome to work out before or after school in the Wellness Center for free with their student I.D, so this offer is pretty much just for adults.  To sign up for this fitness experience, people that are interested can go to the RB school website (www.rbhs208.org)  and click on the athletics page. There is information about this offer at the top and a link to sign up and pay for the membership.