Early start to 2011-2012 calendar

Early start to 2011-2012 calendar

A close-up of the pertinent changes to the 2011-2012 school calendar, starting on 8/16.

Fitz Robling, Staff Reporter

On February 8th, the RB board passed a new schedule that has significant differences from past schedules. The new schedule has school starting on August 16th about one week earlier than usual, and school ending on May 25th, also about one week earlier.  This change means that this summer will be cut short by one week. The new schedule also adapts to the fall sports schedule which usually start the week of August 15th.

Starting four years ago, RB changed their schedule.  Previously final exams were held after winter break, now they are held the week before winter break. This change was made to accommodate the 65 million dollar renovation that took place during the 07-08 and 08-09 school years.  The result of this change meant that the first semester was shorter than the second semester.

After the renovation was complete the administration did not make any changes to the schedule. Teachers and students agreed that they preferred to keep finals prior to winter break. However no change was made until now to balance out the semesters.

 “I’m totally fine with it. From an educational stand point it is nice because we have an extra week to prepare for the A.P. test as well as the ACT. From my personal stand point, I can deal with one short summer,” said math teacher Lindsay Mynaugh.

 Sophomore Vince Pozzie has a different opinion on the situation, “I don’t want to start school early even if it means we get out early. I think of summer break as June, July and August, not May”.