Time for a shave

Time for a shave

Four RB teachers are all smiles after shaving their heads for the second ever St. Baldrick’s Day.

Jon Stevanovich, Staff Reporter

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is back to host the event for the third time in four years at RB. This fundraiser is to support research and cures for childhood cancer.

Preparation for the event will take place through the first three weeks in March. Students and staff will be fundraising and donating for cancer research. During lunches, students will be through the lunch room for spare change for the foundation. Brownies, cookies, and other dessert items will be for sale throughout the week.

People will be shaving their heads to support the cause during an assembly on March 24th. The school’s goal for this year is to raise $20,000. In 2008, RB raised over $25,000 to St. Baldricks Foundation. Despite RB not having the fundraiser last year, the school expects to exceed their goal this year. Comparing the school to the rest in Illinois, RB is among the highest in terms of raising money for the cause.

One of the many faculty members that are helping to run this cause is guidance counselor Renee Thomas. “I think it’s a great cause to provide support to childhood cancer,” Thomas said. “It’s a great way to show support and to fill the pillars for Character Counts.” These pillars were a new movement brought  to RB when Principal Pam Bylsma was hired.

There are over 110 shavees that have already signed up to participate in the event. Also, eleven people signed up for the Locks of Love, a cause to those with long hair donate 8 inches of their hair to provide wigs for those who have lost hair during chemotherapy.

Many local barbers have signed up also. 30 of them have volunteered their time to help shave off hair. In rewards to those shaving, they are offering free haircuts to select barber shops in the area.