New superintendent makes an appearance

Alleigh VandeMerkt, Staff Reporter

On Monday March 7th, the new superintendent Dr.  Kevin  Skinkis was at RBHS for the day. During lunch,  Skinkis met with the “student leaders” of RB.

In the meeting, the students were able to introduce themselves and tell Skinkis what they were involved in at RB. Also, the students were able to ask him about his plans for RB. Skinkis did not have any set plans yet. 

Skinkis said, “My job is to look at what is going on, is there anything to tweak or add on to. This is a tough situation because I have always dealt directly with the kids. Now I am dealing more with the business and community side.”  

Skinkis was able to tell the students about his experiences. Skinkis graduated from Nazareth Academy. While he was at Nazareth, he was involved in athletics as well as fine arts. Skinkis went to SIU on a football scholarship. He taught three years of history and coached football.

He then became the dean of students at Morton at age 24. He became the assistant principal of Mundelein high school at age 27. Then he switched to Bartlett High School at age 30 to become the principal for four years.

Skinkis believes in a balance between after school programs and academics. Skinkis said, “Strong academics go hand and hand with strong after school programs.”

Skinkis has a three year old son and a one year old daughter. His wife Jessica Ritacca was an RB graduate in 1995.